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Gambling laws set for overhaul

4/6/2001 (BBC) A Home Office committee is set to recommend a radical overhaul of Britain’s gambling laws, according to reports.

The Economist magazine reports that the Gambling Review Body will call for better regulation of casinos, betting and bingo when it publishes its findings in June.

It quotes informed sources as saying that the review body will recommend a single regulator to oversee gambling in the UK.

The Home Office has refused to comment on the article, saying only that the review body has not finished its work yet.

But, according to The Economist, the review body has found that current legislation is out-of-date and needs “fundamental reform”.

It suggests that its findings will be accepted by ministers.

Work ‘not finished’

But the Home Office said submissions were still being taken by the committee and nothing would be finalised until June.

The body, which is chaired by former Treasury adviser Sir Alan Budd, is understood to have taken submissions from more than 200 key players in the gambling industry.

It is expected to outline new rules on advertising and opening times of casinos, bingo halls and betting shops.

But a Home Office spokesman said: “The Gambling Review Body is due to report to ministers later this year and its findings will be published.

“One of its main terms of reference when it was set up by the Home Office was to consider and make recommendations on current regulations for gambling in Great Britain.…

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